Our Partners

We know how difficult rebuilding a life is.

When we started this project, it was our goal to help families rebuild from the ground up, literally. We've seen what these floods can do and the devastation they bring three times in Houston in the last three years. We know it takes much more than a few weeks to rebuild. We know how easy it is to donate to large organizations and we're thankful that those organizations exist, but it's hard to truly know how far that donation goes and just how many families you're helping. We wanted to really make a difference in families' lives and to continue a relationship with them beyond just a few weeks.

Through the generosity of families near and far, we've been able to help over 36 (and counting) families by providing hot meals, cleaning out their homes, packing up their belongings and fulfilling wish lists. Even through our good Samaritans' donations, we're still left with families that are in need of certain everyday essentials. That's why we've partnered with these brands to help continue to make a direct impact on people's lives.